Eye on Networking

Managed Services

We like to say that a Proactive Network is a Productive Network.

Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are managing the workload of checking anti-virus, tune-ups, keeping Malware from taking over your computer, and on rare occasions your help desk when needed.

 In the end, your computer(s) will run to its fullest potential. You’ll love being on your computer without any worries.

These Services are included:


Check Your security downloads

Hardware Cleanings

Monitor your Windows updates

Monthly PC Tune up

UNLIMITED remote help

In-Shop support for FREE

Personal Advisor on future projects, purchases, & knowledge.

  • Customer must sign a One-year agreement upon subscription purchase.
  • Unlimited support included in household subscription does not include house call labor. House call labor will be billed at the time of service.
  • Unlimited labor is good only on PC’s enrolled in Managed Services.
  • S & O Managed Services does not cover any PC hardware. You will be billed for the parts required.

Monthly maintenance keeps your computers running like it should, yet 95% of customers do not do it for a variety of reasons. We can assist you on any level. Knowledge is key and we are here to Help!

If you got questions, we got answers.

To get the Most out of your Managed Services Customer schedule their monthly tune-ups by going to our schedule services page.  Any tune-ups not scheduled will not be completed. You may risk harm to your computer.

We offer an 100% satisfaction guarantee you will love our services.