Electronic Recycling

Responsible Recycling Services

S & O Computers has teamed up with Responsible Recycling Services to provide residents and businesses with an easy way to dispose of your electronic devices without having to wait for a cleanup day in your local municipality.

S & O Computers, LLC Electronic Recycling Rates

Televisions – $50.00
CRT/Monitor (Up to 24”) $15.00
LCD (Flat Screen) Computer Monitors $15.00
Air Conditioners / Dehumidifiers $35.00
Desktop/Laptop Computers $ 10.00
Hard Drives $3.00
Complete Desktop PC (Tower, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Cords) $22.00
Keyboards & Mice/Cables & Cords $1.00
Calculators/Adding Machines $1.00
Telephones / Cell phone / Tablets $3.00
Scanners & Fax Machines $5.00
Laser and Inkjet Printers $5.00
Microwaves / Small Countertop Appliances $5.00
Projectors / DVD Players & VCRs/ Gaming Systems $5.00
UPS Battery Back-Ups $20.00
Servers $20.00
Floor Copiers $25.00
Plotters & Blueprint Copiers $50.00 

Something New at S & O Computers
Fill A box of misc. electronics or computer items $6.00
*Boxes will be supplied by S & O Computers. Boxes are 20 x 20 x 12. Boxes cannot include monitors or televisions.   

Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers DO NOT need to have Freon removed.
 All other electronic devices are free to drop off. Stop by and get rid of those old electronic devices taking up all that space in your home today !!!!!

No appointment necessary, please call ahead to inform us if you need assistance.