CyberSecurity varies for everyone and is scary to most people. But if you think of it as a plan, it’s rather easier. First is to get an assessment of your needs and correct the issues you may be having. Upgrades and new equipment may be required to help your workflow better. 

The plan should include Daily monitoring & upgrading patches. Your staff or provider should visit it regularly to provide checks and make adjusts if needed. The team in charge of Maintaining your security should also be guarding you from those shady vendors/con-people who tell you they have what’s best for you but don’t. They should be detecting and responding to attacks while updating as needed. Antivirus, Permissions, and access control should be in place. Your Company’s future desires for growth should also be considered and planned for.

S & O Computers would like to be that IT Provider for you and your Company. With S & O Computers, LLC, you become like family. If you have a question we are here to help. With our Managed Services you have a variety of plans to fit your needs. IT may be a package with an all-inclusive 24hrs/7days services or to a single computer. It’s what works best for you.


Reported Data Breaches in 2017.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse 807 Data Breaches were reported. 37 of which were from the Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey area. Most breaches were in the medical field. Don’t let your company exposed!

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