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We are here to serve and protect you the best way you allow us to and we so wish to help you expand your IT knowledge, give you more options and greater security! Since 2016 and the addition of Managed Services, we have seen the benefits to those who are on our managed service plans. Boy, how our customers are raving about it! They have seen their computer time become more productive, have less headaches and have a better performance. 

We will be soon releasing a next generation antivirus that prevents and reverses Ransomware. John is so excited about this product. Although nothing is perfect like we prefer, EDR will monitor data and when Ransomware is detected, it contains the virus preventing it from doing damage. Should Ransomware sneak past, EDR protects your backup files, so when the virus hits, EDR rolls back the device to the last known safe stage. This prevents long recovery times. 

Our vision is to have everyone on a managed service plan to provide you a better online experience and more security, with remote help when you need it. Our plan would look like the following: a yearly Hardware cleaning (two would be better) and a monthly managed service plan that includes your tune-up, anti-virus, having us maintain your updates & patches as needed. You would only need a quick phone call or email if you what to make upgrades or are having any issues. With the addition of EDR, you would be protected from Ransomware. 

In addition to the new EDR, we will be developing a Device as a Service Program, and Software as a Service. This will free up the much need cash for those who are just starting out, or those looking to upgrade while on a tight budget. More information will be coming out soon.

By answering the following questions, you will be giving us a baseline on where you are now with your IT adventure. In the end, we are here for you and would love the chance to talk and see what your future IT holds for you.


S & O Computers has been a godsend for me. I’ve had such peace of mind after S & O Computers has taken over control of my computer/updates. S & O Computers is extremely easy to work with and goes out of their way to make things right with both my computer and printer. I’m so pleased and happy that he has added residential managed services!

Maryann Fada – Residential Managed Services Customer



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