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S & O Computers Residential Managed Services takes the worry off of our customers and puts the workload all on us. We all know 95% of customers do not do regular maintenance on their PC’s like they should. Then before you know it you are coming into a repair facility and paying for a repair that could’ve been avoided if you had taken the time once a month to make sure your PC is running like it should.

With our Managed Services product we do the leg work for you. We provide a paid Anti-Virus subscription to you, monitor your Windows updates to ensure you are getting all of your security downloads, and then to top it off we will remotely do a monthly PC Tune up on your computer. BUT THATS NOT ALL, we are so confident in our Managed Services product, when you sign up for a residential managed services plan you get UNLIMITED remote and In-Shop support for FREE !!! Never stick your hand into that dusty PC again, bring it in and have us do it for you, and never see a labor bill from us !!!

Don’t let malware keep taking over  your PC until it gets to the point you can’t use it, get our Managed Services today and keep your PC running to its full potential !!!



S & O Managed Services does not cover any PC hardware. Customer is responsible for scheduling tune-up by going to our schedule services page. Any tune-ups not scheduled will not be completed. Customer must sign a 1 year agreement upon subscription purchase. Unlimited support included in household subscription does not include house call labor. House call labor will be billed at the time of service. Unlimited labor is good only on PC’s enrolled in Managed Services.